There is cardio, strength, stretching, yoga, pilates, HIIT, boxing, 7 minutes, recovery, morning, and more.

Training with FitCoach is the same as training with a personal coach. There are comprehensive detailed workouts with high-quality video guides as well as step-by-step audio instructions and tips on how to perform the exercises.

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Personalized Training Plan

Using data about your physical fitness level, lifestyle, and medical conditions, the fitness app generates an individual Personalized Plan. You can customize your training plan by choosing the activities you are interested in and the training schedule. 

Intermittent Fasting Tracker

Fasting is a food intake system in which you only eat during a certain period of time.

The Fasting function lets you keep track of your meal schedule and monitor when you consume food.

Personalized Meal Plan

The Meal Planner considers your eating habits, individual preferences, possible allergic reactions, and medical conditions when creating your menus. Healthy, simple, and delicious dishes with step-by-step recipes, photos, calories, and nutritional information.

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Why Choose This Fitness Coach App

FitCoach provides a personalized workout plan for people who care about their health conditions, desire to lose weight and get fit but do not have enough time for the gym.

More than 20 million users have downloaded this fitness app. These are people from all over the world: from Chicago to London, from Berlin to Tokyo. The vast majority of them are aged 20 to 50, and a significant proportion is experienced users who commended FitCoach.

The Keys To A Healthy And Toned Body

Relying on data about your physical fitness, lifestyle, and health conditions, the fitness app generates an individual Plan Personalization. Here you can customize your training plan, choosing the activities you are interested in and the training schedule. 

Meal Planner includes your eating habits, individual preferences, possible allergic reactions, health conditions and offers a menu. Healthy, simple, and delicious dishes with step-by-step recipes, photos, calories, and nutritional value.

Thanks to the Fasting function, you can keep track of your meal schedule and control the time you consume food. 

Weight tracker will assist you in weight control. Reach your individual weight goal and protect yourself from the risk factors of heart diseases.

In addition to Plan Personalization, you can also use Guides to help you solve specific goals: Fat Burn Guide, Nutrition Guide, Healthy Sleep Guide, Mobility Guide.

Tune In To A Positive Result And Enjoy Variety Of Workouts

  • Cardio training increases overall endurance and stamina and helps you get leaner and fit. These workouts include sets of bodyweight exercises that pump up your heart rate and make you sweat and burn as many calories as you need for successful weight loss.
  • Strength workouts will help you increase lean muscle, get better shape, and tone your body up. These workout routines can target the whole body or separate body parts. They usually involve compound and isolated exercises with both bodyweight and simple equipment.
  • Stretching improves flexibility and joint mobility and speeds up recovery after intense workouts. You will perform easy static and dynamic exercises to stretch and release tension in all major muscle groups.
  • Your face muscles need a workout just like any other muscle in the body. Facelift is a unique program of facial exercises that prevents wrinkles and improves lymph flow. These face massage techniques and activities will help get your face to look bright and natural.
  • 7 Minutes. These workouts combine aerobic and resistance training into a single high-intensity exercise routine lasting approximately 7 minutes. Each workout targets only large muscle groups, using alternations of different positions. It activates your energy supply and keeps your metabolism boosted all day long.
  • Yoga is good for your mind, body, and soul. These workouts affect your body so that your muscles contract by being stretched. So it improves both muscle endurance and flexibility.
  • Walking is the most affordable way to improve your endurance and cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of different health conditions, and effectively achieve your weight loss goals. Include walking in your training plan at least three times a week along with other activities for a total of 150 minutes of aerobic practice, as recommended by the American Heart Association for substantial health benefits.
  • Pilates helps develop balance and flexibility of the spine and strengthen the back muscles. Such exercises are also valuable for preventing poor posture, muscle imbalance, and back pain. You can use such activities as stand-alone workouts or in combination with strength or cardio pieces of training as a warm-up.
  • Fitness Mix is a mixed variety that combines multidirectional sets of exercises, which boost endurance, coordination, and flexibility. They work on the core muscles of the body or individual muscle groups. This kind of workout uses circular, interval, and repetitive training methods. They are perfect for anyone who likes a lengthy workout combined with the variety in a single session. Include them in your plan as the leading type of activity at least three times a week.
  • HIIT is a sort of interval training that alternates intense cardio or strength exercise with rest or low-intensity exercise intervals. The exercises should be performed at a fast tempo, at 80-90% of the maximum level of effort. This kind of workout is a good option for busy people. Intense exercise intervals burn more calories in less time. Incorporate such pieces of training into your plan instead of root cardio and strength training if you’re ready to push the limits of your physical capacities.
  • Libido Boost aimed to improve sexual desire and potency. These exercises target the muscles of the pelvis and the abdominal muscles, they increase male hormone levels and tone the abdomen of the pelvic floor. These unusual exercises for stretching and stability will improve your control and the feel of your body, which will help you be more resilient and have more pleasure during intercourse.
  • Fight fitness combine elements of martial arts and functional and strength training. The programs are suitable for men and women of different ages and fitness levels. These plans can help you lose weight, get shredded, gain endurance, and develop speed and strength.
  • Recovery workouts aim to regain freedom of movement, prevent injuries, and reduce muscle imbalances. The training includes corrective exercises and easy exercises for joint mobility and stability. They are easy to perform and accessible for anyone. These sorts of activities are perfect for those who would like to prepare their bodies for more intense workouts while maintaining healthy joints. It is advanced to use it as a dominant activity 3-4 times per week for those who can’t do basic strength training programs.
  • Morning routine can be started even while still in bed, immediately after waking up. The exercises in the workout gradually stretch your muscles and joints, activate blood circulation, and activate your nervous system. This workout will invigorate and energize you at the start of the day.

Scientific Approach Is Half The Battle

Eleven highly qualified specialists in the health and fitness sphere have created all the workouts for this fitness app. These specialists are scientists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, professional fitness trainers, yoga teachers from the United States and Ukraine.

While creating FitCoach, the developers relied on topical scientific articles, guidelines, and resources which operate exclusively on evidence-based medicine. Noteworthy among them World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Council on Exercise, and others.

More features are coming soon.

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