Change Your Body With The Muscle Booster Workout App

Muscle Booster is what you need to build strong muscle and lose weight.

The app provides various workouts targeted at muscle mass growth and improving your body composition. 

Get on board and start your fitness journey!
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Whether you work out at home or hit the gym, Muscle Booster’s smart training algorithm will offer you an optimized workout plan with or without equipment.

It will guide you through sets, reps, rep ranges, and rest between sets to help you train effectively and develop strength and endurance.



Best Workout Experience

Enhance your workouts with easy-to-follow exercise instructions, videos with working muscle highlights, audio guides, and many other features to enjoy the workout process with Muscle Booster.

Enjoy smart device support to track your efficiency at every step of your workout.

Customized Meal Recommendations

The Muscle Booster workout planner app generates a personal menu for you taking into account your goals, age, eating habits, individual preferences, possible allergic reactions, and any medical conditions.

Get over 2,000+ available recipes in just one app with calories calculated and nutritional profiles for every meal.

Personalized Workout Plan

Your Muscle Booster workout plan is highly personalized and reflects your lifestyle and training preferences.

Your workouts will be based on your fitness level, personal parameters, target muscle groups, available equipment, and much more, making it nearly impossible not to achieve your workout goal and become leaner and fitter.

Find Everything You Need to Build Muscle in One App

Still think weight training is the only thing you need to build muscle and achieve your desired body type? There is much more to gaining muscle than that. 

Muscle Booster is the best workout app that takes into account everything that can impact your progress and includes a combination of cardio, strength, and recovery in your workout plan to help you maximize your results and prevent injury.

Complex Approach to Muscle Gain

Do you need to build muscle and lose weight at the same time? Do you want your body to be cut or maybe extra bulk? Want to target specific muscle groups and body areas?

Muscle Booster will take all of that into account and create a workout plan designed for your body specifically. It will be primarily based on your main goal, like weight loss, shredded body, or muscle gain, still taking into consideration your desired additional goals, like improving your health, enhancing your appearance, or building strength.

Everyone’s body is unique, and workout plans should be too, right?

Extensive and Varied Training Library

Constantly repeating the same exercises can be boring and, let’s be honest, it doesn’t contribute to workout motivation, so you are likely to neglect your workout plan. 

Muscle Booster, a workout planner app, offers a unique and extensive training library. The training and exercises in your workouts will always be different, thus keeping your interest and motivation up while you are achieving your fitness goals.

Advanced Workout Player

The workout player makes you feel like a trainer is right there with you, guiding you through each part of your workout. You can see the whole session, including info about sets, repetitions, and estimated workout duration, so that you can properly schedule it into your day.

The workout player contains audio prompts, music synchronization, a 3D model highlighting muscles worked during exercise, and a smart reminder system.

Muscle Gain Diet

Results require more than just exercise, and the Muscle Booster Workout Planner offers meal plans that will encourage muscle growth to further improve your results. Opt for the standard muscle gain diet or concentrate on whole foods if you want. Choose a lactose-free, vegan, or another diet – any of them will contribute to your fitness goal.

The fitness app will craft a meal plan so that you always have inspiration for your next meal. Your meal plan will consist of various easy-to-follow recipes with calculated caloric values.

Apple Watch Synchronization

The Muscle Booster app offers simple synchronization with your Apple Watch and HealthKit app (for those with iOS devices), making it even easier to track your workouts and training stats.

The fitness app also syncs with Apple Watch to track your daily step goals.

Progress and Feedback

The plan is also constantly being updated based on your progress and feedback. So, as the weeks go on, your workouts will become harder. If you feel that some workouts are too easy, your workout plan can adapt to increase the challenge without pushing your limits too far.

Best Workouts For Your Muscle Gain Goals

  • Cardio
  • Strength 
  • Morning workouts
  • Home workouts
  • Gym workouts
  • Specific muscle group exercises (arms, abs, back, chest, etc.)

How Muscle Booster Works

Create an Account

After downloading the app, get started by creating an account. Answer the onboarding questions to let Muscle Booster customize your workout plan.

Receive Your Muscle-Boosting Workout Plan

Based on the data you provide, Muscle Booster generates a personal workout plan for you. Not only is it designed to help you achieve your goal, it will also be appropriate for your fitness and activity level and exciting to follow. 

You can go to Settings to adjust your schedule by adding or removing some workout days. You can also adjust the difficulty level for your exercises; however, that won’t be necessary if your input is correct. 

Hit Your Goals By Following Your Plan

Keep up with your workout schedule to truly gain all the benefits of Muscle Booster, the best workout tracker app. You will feel stronger every time you exercise, and the more consistent you are, the faster you’ll see your muscles grow.

Wait No More to Try Muscle Booster

If you want to grow muscle, tone up your body, lose weight, and feel stronger in everything you do, give the Muscle Booster Workout Planner a try. Combine personalized workouts with a meal planner to adopt healthy habits and change your lifestyle!