When you work out at home or hit the gym, Muscle Booster’s smart training algorithm will guide you through the sets, reps, rep ranges and rest between sets, so that you can achieve your training goals.

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Videos with working muscles highlights, audio guides, smart devices support, exercise instructions, and many other features to enjoy the workout process.


Over 2000+ available recipes in just 1 app with daily plan adjusted to users’ preferences and avaiable personal details


Workout plan based on user fitness level, personal parameters, target muscle groups, available equipment, and much more.

What Does Muscle Booster App Do?

The Muscle Booster Workout Plan app offers daily plans for your workout. The top of the app contains a weekly calendar view, and clicking on a specific day brings up an option for a main workout and additional workouts. The goal is to, at minimum, do the main workout (if that day has one), while adding in the extra workout will provide even faster results.

Other pages within the app include the exercise plan pages, which list out the exercises included in the workout and the time it will take to complete the entire session.

Users can also browse general workout plans and exercises separated by the body area they focus on, such as the abs, arm, back, etc.

Yet another tab in the app is the meal plan, which, similar to the workout plan, offers a daily list at the top where you can pick a day and see the recommended meals for that day. Clicking on the meals then provides instructions on how to prepare it, saving you from ever wondering what to cook.

Top Features of the Muscle Booster Workout Planner

Personalized Training Plan

When it comes to creating a workout, it can seem easy to follow any workout plan found on the internet, but the key to success and results is using a workout plan designed for your body. Everyone’s body is unique, and workout plans should be too. This fitness app considers all user data input to craft a workout plan that provides the user with their desired results.

Extensive and Varied Training Library

Constantly repeating the same exercises day after day can be boring and often increases the likelihood of not sticking to a workout plan. With the extensive training library offered by this fitness app, your workouts will always be different, ensuring that you never feel bored while working on your fitness goals.

Workout Overviews

Before starting your workout, you can visually see the entirety of the session, including how many repetitions of each move you will do and how many circuits you will complete.

The workout overview also allows you to easily see how long the workout will take so that you can properly schedule it into your day.

Workout Player

More than just a printout of workouts to follow, the Muscle Booster Workout Planner also possesses a workout player that makes following the workout that much easier.

The workout player contains:

  • audio prompts
  • music synchronization
  • 3D model highlighting muscles worked during exercise
  • smart reminder system (Android only)

With the workout player you will feel as though a trainer is right there with you, walking you through each part of your workout.

Personalized Meal Plan

Results require more than just exercise, and the Muscle Booster Workout Planner offers meal plans that will encourage muscle growth, further improving your results. Simply input your dietary preferences and the fitness app will craft a meal plan so that you always have inspiration for your next meal.

Apple Watch Synchronization

The Muscle Booster Workout Plan app offers simple synchronization with your Apple Watch and HealthKit app (for those with iOS devices), making it even easier to track your workouts and the stats of the training.

This fitness app also syncs with the Apple Watch to track daily step goals; simply sync the app with your apple watch, and your step count will appear on your daily page.

Who Is This App For?

The Muscle Booster Workout Plan is a beneficial app for anyone looking to increase their muscle mass, no matter their gender or workout location.

Home Or Gym

The Muscle Booster Workout Plan app supports you no matter where you choose to complete your workouts. It contains fitness programs for those who work out at home that do not require any equipment, while those who go to a gym can choose a gym workout session that guides them on what equipment to use.

The gym may seem overwhelming, especially to beginners, but this fitness app offers guidance on what to do to achieve results.

Any Length and Duration

Do you only have 10 minutes for a workout? There’s a workout for you. Want to commit to a 30-day challenge? There’s a plan for you. No matter how long you can work out or how long of a program you want to commit to, there is an option that fits your lifestyle and availability.

The Benefits of a Personalized Muscle-Boosting Plan

People may think that building muscle is only achieved through weight training, but there is more to building muscle than that. The Muscle Booster Workout Plan includes a combination of cardio, strength, recovery, and LISS (walking, running, cycling) to help you maximize your results and prevent injury.

The fitness app takes into consideration the following qualities:

  • Main goal: weight loss, shred & burn fat, or muscle gain
  • Additional goals: improving your health, enhancing your appearance, building strength
  • Current and desired body shape: cut, bulk, or extra bulk
  • Zones you want to work on: arms, back, abs, pecs, belly, legs, chest, or shoulders
  • Fitness level: beginner strength trainer to professional athlete
  • Personal data: age, height, and bodyweight

All of this information allows the app to create a highly personalized workout plan, which is the key to seeing results.

The plan is also updated with your progress and feedback. So, as the weeks go on, your workouts will become harder. If you feel that some workouts were too easy, your workout plan can adapt to increase the challenge without pushing your limits too far.

If you are looking to increase muscle, tone up your body, lose weight, and feel stronger in everything you do, give the Muscle Booster Workout Planner a try. With this fitness app, you get a personalized workout and meal planner combined all in one, making it easier to follow a healthy lifestyle and achieve the results you are looking for.