Omo, Your All-In-One Weight-Loss App

Omo is a weight-loss app that streamlines the calorie counting process, making it easier than ever to log your meals, track workouts, and see your first weight-loss results.

Get on board and start your fitness journey!
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Are you tired of the same old calorie-counting app that is too convoluted to use, causing you to spend more time logging your food than enjoying it? Or using separate apps for meal plans, logging meals, tracking workouts, and setting your intermittent fasting timer has become too confusing.

Try Omo as an all-inclusive weight loss app that brings you closer to your fitness goal.

Receive Meal Plans & Nutrition Tips

Choose from various meal plans according to your specific diet and general taste preferences. Learn how to make better food choices, avoid junk food, fight cravings, and create long-term healthy habits following the nutrition tips from Omo experts.

Track Your Fasting & Eating Windows

Is intermittent fasting a part of your weight-loss strategy? Keep your fasting and eating windows under control using the fasting tracker. Choose your preferred fasting plan and get notifications when you should start or stop your eating window.

Exercise Following Your Customized Workout Plan

Get a workout plan that perfectly fits your overall weight-loss strategy and boosts its effectiveness. Choose the timing, available equipment, and target areas to adjust your training session even more. Omo provides easy-to-follow video instructions, so you always know how to perform every exercise in your workout.

All Weight-Loss Essentials in One App

When it comes to weight loss, diet and exercise are the two best-known parts of the process. The general goal is to find the very balance of food intake and physical activity that ensures a calorie deficit.

Omo takes into account all the factors that you can track on your own. 

Counting Calories Has Never Been So Easy

Counting your calories is easier than ever thanks to food recognition, a way of tracking food by using your camera. You simply take a picture of your food’s barcode to find it in the database. When you start using Omo, you also get your daily calorie goal calculated, which will help you track if you’re in a calorie deficit and contribute to your weight-loss success over time.

Create Meals and Add New Foods

Have a staple meal that you plan on eating again and again? With the weight-loss app, you can save your favorite meals, making it easier to track the same meal each time you have it. On top of that, you can also create new foods, thereby expanding the database.

Track Macronutrients and More

With Omo, you can track more than just calories; you can also track protein, carbs, fat, sugar, fiber, vitamins, and more, allowing you to have more control and knowledge about your nutrition levels. After logging every meal, you will get an in-depth nutritional profile that allows you to see how nutrient-dense your daily menu is. 

Get a Boost of Workout Motivation

Omo does more than nutrition, though; it also offers easy-to-follow workout plans full of exercises that will help you achieve your ideal body type. With reminders to complete your workout for the day, you’ll be more motivated than ever. You can create workouts for different areas you want to target, with specific duration and available equipment you can use.

Control Your Weight-Loss Progress

And contribute even more to your motivation! Track your weight changes throughout your weight loss journey to see if your strategy works. You can also adopt some tips from Omo’s in-built health library to enhance your results even more.

Simple Apple Watch Integration

Omo integrates with Apple Watch and the Health app, providing you with up-to-date and accurate information on the progress of your workout. The accuracy of information obtained by the Apple Watch and passed along to Omo means you can easily track the number of calories burned during the workout. Omo adds it to your daily calorie budget to see how your workouts help you stay in a calorie deficit to keep moving towards your weight-loss goal.

What You Get With Omo

  • personalized weight-loss plan
  • easy-to-use nutrition tracker
  • instant barcode food logging using your camera
  • access to thousands of meal ideas and recipes in the cookbook food library database
  • tailored tips on nutrition, exercise, food psychology, and more
  • progress analytics to help you stay on track
  • activity tracking & easy-to-follow exercise plans
  • synchronization with health apps and fitness wearables

How Omo Works

Create an Account

Once the download is complete, get started by filling out the onboarding questionnaire to help Omo pick a plan tailored to your needs and goals. Create your account after that.

Receive your weight-loss plan

Once you’ve answered the questionnaire, Omo calculates your weight loss plan, taking into consideration the input you provided. Instead of a general weight-loss plan, Omo creates a custom one, ensuring that the program requirements and tasks are something you can stick to. 

When filling out the questionnaire, you will notice that Omo automatically suggests certain metrics, including goal weight, number of meals per day, and daily steps. While you are welcome to adjust your goals as much as you like, these suggestions are helpful for those who are not sure what a challenging yet still achievable goal should be.

Hit your goals by following the recommendations

From there, you can easily log your meals or individual foods, view and try out over 800+ recipes (with more continually added), and track the number of steps you take in a day to make sure you are getting closer to your daily goal. 

The recommendations provide a great starting point for your weight-loss journey and create an environment where even fitness beginners can thrive.

See the Difference Omo Makes in Your Life

If you are looking for an easy-to-use weight loss app that combines all the essential aspects of weight loss, including diet, fitness, and motivation, look no further than the Omo app. 

By simply answering some questions about your current lifestyle, previous experience, and food choices, you receive a weight-loss plan that includes calorie counts, meal plans, workout plans, and motivation to stick to your goals. 

Give the Omo app a try and see how easy it is to build healthy habits that stick and reach your weight goals by having everything you need within one app.