WalkFit helps people improve their health and get in shape by providing personalized walking plans and real-time recommendations.

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Daily Goals

Each day, the interval walking training plan includes a combination of moderate- and high-intensity exercises as well as recovery sessions that will enable the user to maximize their results.

Personalized Walking Programs

Additionally, this walking app provides selections designed to meet your specific needs, such as With a library of 200+ workouts and 500+ extensive exercises from certified coaches, WalkFit builds personalized walking programs tailored to the user’s parameters.

Guided Workouts

WalkFit provides guided walking workouts with perfectly balanced rest-to-work timing and detailed voice instructions.
Special interval workouts help to burn more calories in a given amount of time.

WalkFit App: Walking for All

People exercise and seek out fitness routines for a variety of reasons, whether to improve their health, lose weight, improve muscle conditioning, tone and appearance, enhance strength, relieve stress, improve mobility, or fit into that favorite little black dress for a special occasion. Whatever the impetus, maintaining fitness is an important component to overall health and well-being, and should be a part of one’s daily and weekly routine. In recent years, technological advances have enabled individuals to easily access downloadable apps for virtually every aspect of life, including fitness. Walking apps in particular, are a popular and attractive option regardless of your age, ability, or experience in working out. Walking is something everyone does in their daily lives, and it is free, accessible, requires no expensive equipment or memberships, is void of complex moves, and is easy to begin. All you need to do is walk.

Mobile fitness apps such as the walking app, WalkFit, offers the opportunity to provide you with a convenient, straightforward technology fitness plan, to take charge of your physical and mental health, assist you in achieving your goals, and see real results quickly.

Why Should You Select WalkFit?

The objective of the WalkFit app is to help you identify your unique weight loss and fitness goals. WalkFit technology counts your steps, distance covered, and calories burned to enable you to tread closer to your fitness goals and keep active and trim. WalkFit uses artificial intelligence to devise a personalized plan to enact your stated goals, and provide constructive, real-time suggestions to ultimately improve your health. It truly takes the strategy and guesswork out of your hands and into your device for an effective and efficient workout.

What Does This Walking App Feature?

This revolutionary technology has a plethora of capabilities and features to help you burn calories, stay on track, and remain motivated so all you need to trifle over is lacing up your sneakers to set out on your daily workout, including:

  • Pedometer that includes alerts to notify you when step milestones are reached.
  • Measures the distance covered, your speed, and pace.
  • Time elapsed and a breakdown of active time.
  • Calories burned.
  • Provides workout challenges for you to choose from
  • Provides you personalized workout regimes.
  • Has built-in GPS with an easy-to-follow map to track your path
  • The ability to create your own walking routine also known as a “free walk”.
  • Statistical graphs that use your historical exercise data detected to compute representations of progress and trends.
  • Provides you daily reminders to maintain motivation.
  • Syncs the app information to your Fitbit, enabling you to be phone free.
  • Gives concurrent, immediate guidance and motivation to speed up, and notifies you when the next interval is set to start or end.

To begin, when you download this app for free, the AI technology asks a short survey of  multiple choice questions for you to choose from including your height, weight, body type, activity levels, as well as your fitness goals and weight loss intentions to then develop algorithms which are computed to synthesize an individualized fitness plan . In app purchases are necessary after you complete this initial questionnaire survey, however, these costs are affordable, permits you free cancellation at any time, and offers a choice of either weekly, monthly or yearly subscription options, respectively. WalkFit can also be downloaded on both Apple and Android operating systems. Your options are plentiful.

Some Notable Features:

Intense Workouts When Time is Limited

These short bouts of exercise include the “7-minute walking for weight loss” and “10-minute walk” routines, and are ideal for people who have limited time, who want a brief activity bite during their lunch break, as an adjunct to another workout, or as a manageable starting point to begin incorporating activity into their daily lives.

Goal-Specific Programs

Additionally, this walking app provides selections designed to meet your specific needs, such as “walk to a better sleep”, which is a slow and gentle stroll oriented towards stress reduction and sleep promotion, and “endurance improvement” which is a slow, progressive routine aimed more towards cardio novices seeking to enhance cardiovascular fitness and stamina. This comprehensive walking app also includes a program aimed towards those seeking to condition their muscles and who prefer long and arduous athletic training, called “walk off your weight and get fit”.


The WalkFit app also includes pre-written instructional guidance to assist you on your weight loss, or health journey and provides stellar results by addressing holistic health goals including:

  • Cardio Training Guides
  • Essential Guide to Healthy eating 
  • The Ultimate Daily Mobility Routine 
  • Your Guide to Healthy Sleep

What’s New on the Horizon

To improve upon your experience with this walking app, they have revamped their platform. The makers of this walking fitness app, have increased the breadth and variety of workouts available to enhance excitement, prevent boredom, acclimatization, fitness plateaus, and to elevate your program to the next level. They have accomplished this by liaising with fitness experts to formulate new training plans, and workouts with video guidelines, while also providing insights on tools and advice that can be implemented for a healthier lifestyle, and to optimize your training results. They also expanded the app so it can now integrate your exercise data with the Apple watch, making your workout more convenient and streamlined.

Expert Opinions

You can trust that every aspect of scientific credibility in this app has and continues to be evaluated in its formulation and creation, as well as the advice provided and the exercise walking regimes available. They employed expertise from numerous individuals with varied backgrounds, academic credentials (doctoral, bachelor and certification level education), and experience in the realm of Human biology, exercise science, kinesiology, personal training, physical therapy, strength and conditioning, yoga, and nutrition coaching. 

WalkFit will reimagine your journey to attain and cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and inch you closer to achieving your idealized bodily esthetic.

Hit the pavement and walk yourself fit now!