Go the Extra Mile With The WalkFit Walking App

You walk every day, right? Why not enhance your daily activity with new challenges? 

Improve your health and get in shape by following personalized walking plans, completing walking challenges, and getting real-time recommendations. 

Get on board and start your fitness journey!
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Walking is a great aerobic exercise that contributes to cardiac health, bone strength, and fitness.

The best part about it is that you don’t need any extra equipment or gym membership, and you don’t have to learn any intricate movements.

All you need to do is walk and keep up with your personal walking plan.



Achieve Daily Goals

Get a new walking challenge every day! Your interval walking plan will include a combination of moderate- and high-intensity exercises as well as recovery sessions that will help you maximize your results. 

Follow Your Personalized Walking Plan

Based on your input, WalkFit creates your customized walking plan that perfectly fits your fitness goals and preferences. The walking distance app uses a comprehensive library of 200+ workouts and 500+ extensive exercises from certified coaches. You will see how effective and exciting walking can actually be!

Enjoy Guided Walking Workouts

Using WalkFit you will get guided walking workouts with perfectly balanced rest-to-work timing and detailed voice instructions. You will know exactly what to do every moment of your workout and get a boost of motivation to speed up when needed!

WalkFit: Walking for Everyone

The WalkFit app counts your steps, distance covered, and calories burned to help you reach your fitness goals and keep active. WalkFit customizes your plan as much as possible to bring you closer to your stated goals. Your plan provides you with constructive, real-time suggestions to ultimately improve your health. 

It truly takes the strategy and guesswork out of your hands and puts it into your device for an efficient walking workout.

Goal-Specific Programs

Every workout program in your plan covers particular goals: staying active, losing weight and becoming fit, doing a high-intensity workout, burning as many calories as possible, etc.

Our top-rated programs are time-limited high-intensity workouts. These short bouts of exercise include the ‘7-minute walking for weight loss’ and ‘10-minute walk’ routines that are ideal for people who have limited time and want a brief activity bite during their lunch break. You can also use them as an adjunct to another workout or as a manageable starting point to begin incorporating activity into your daily routine.

Additional Walking Programs

Walkfit also offers programs to meet your specific needs, like ‘walk to better sleep,’ which is a slow and gentle stroll oriented towards stress reduction and sleep promotion, or ‘endurance improvement,’ a slow, progressive routine to enhance cardiovascular fitness and stamina. 


The WalkFit walking tracker  also includes pre-written instructional guidance to assist you on your weight-loss or health improvement journey and provides stellar results by addressing holistic health goals, including

  • Cardio Training Guides
  • Essential Guide to Healthy Eating 
  • The Ultimate Daily Mobility Routine 
  • Your Guide to Healthy Sleep

Easy Progress Tracking

Know your achievements using a convenient progress tracking calendar in your WalkFit account. Track your progress in steps, walking time, distance, and calories you burn every day while walking.

Expert Opinions

Every walking regime or recommendation provided in the WalkFit app is created and reviewed by top niche experts. 

WalkFit employs expertise from numerous professionals with varied backgrounds, academic credentials (doctoral, bachelor, and certification level education), and experience in the realms of human biology, exercise science, kinesiology, personal training, physical therapy, strength, and conditioning, yoga, and nutrition coaching. 

What You Get With WalkFit

WalkFit is the best walking app that provides you with various capabilities and features to help you burn calories, stay on track, and remain motivated.

  • Distance, steps, and pace measurement.
  • Alerts to notify you when step milestones are reached.
  • Time elapsed and a breakdown of active time.
  • Tracking of burned calories.
  • Workout challenges to choose from.
  • Personalized workouts.
  • Built-in GPS with an easy-to-follow map to track your path.
  • The ability to create your own walking routine (“free walk”).
  • Daily reminders to maintain motivation.
  • Fitbit sync to walk phone free.
  • Voice guidance and motivation.

How WalkFit Works

Create an Account

Once you download the app from AppStore or Google Play, move on to filling out the in-app questionnaire that will help WalkFit learn more about your fitness goals and current health. 

Receive Your Walking Plan

As soon as your input is done, give WalkFit a second to analyze it and come up with your fully-customized walking plan that takes into account your main and additional fitness and health goals.

Accept Your First Challenge

WalkFit will prioritize one particular walking plan that fits your main goal. You can accept it or choose among the other options whichever feels more right at the moment. You can also adjust your daily step, calorie, and distance goals if what WalkFit suggests seems too easy or too hard.   

Hit your goals by following the recommendations

Stay consistent and stick to your daily challenges to hit your goal! Walk every day and get all the benefits this straightforward yet effective activity brings to your health, fitness, and overall well-being.

Hit the pavement and walk yourself fit now!

WalkFit is the walking app for weight loss that reimagines your journey to attain and cultivate a healthy lifestyle and inch you closer to your perfect aesthetic body.