Yoga App For a Toned Body And Inner Peace

Yoga is a great way to balance your body and mind. Yoga-Go will accompany you on your way to a fit body, chill mind, and harmonized life.

Yoga-Go is the best yoga app for beginners that provides personalized yoga and pilates routines. Follow simple home-based routines wherever you are and enjoy all the benefits of everyday yoga.

Get on board and start your fitness journey!
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Your Personal Home-Based Yoga Studio

There is no simpler way to start doing yoga every day than with Yoga-Go. This daily yoga app is your endless source of simple home-based yoga and pilates routines. You can easily incorporate them into your daily schedule as they won’t take too much of your time. 

Devote 7 to 30 minutes to yoga every day and burn up to 200 Cal each session!

500+ Yoga Asanas for Beginners and Pros

Constantly working with yoga experts, we have created a library of yoga workouts to meet the majority of needs. Choose one of our morning yoga classes to start your day right or face yoga to tone up your facial muscles. Alternate classic yoga workouts with stretching, pilates, or relaxing yoga to spice up your training and develop strength and flexibility. 

Customized Yoga-Go Programs

Yoga-Go offers personalized yoga and pilates classes to follow based on your goals and personal preferences. 

Do you want to lose some weight? Or maybe improve your hip mobility? Choose your main goals when setting up your account and Yoga-Go will provide you with a selection of personalized classes that will bring you closer to your desired results. 

Get All the Benefits of Yoga in One App

The Yoga-Go app presents more than 300 ready-to-go yoga and pilates workouts with three difficulty levels, suitable for women and men. We created these workouts in collaboration with leading yoga and wellness industry experts and they are based on topical scientific articles, guidelines, and reliable resources.

Get Your Personal Yoga-Go Vitality Program

Based on the goals you set for yourself, your problem areas, the amount of free time you have, and your level of physical fitness, Yoga-Go creates customized yoga workouts that will positively impact your physical and mental state, as well as overall well-being.

Start at Any Level

Personalized yoga and weight-loss plans are suitable for both beginners and more advanced yogis. By following your recommended program, you can transform your body and mind, lose weight, and get visible results in 30 days!

Accept Challenges For Extra Motivation

Do you need an extra boost? Join various challenges that will help you stick to your training schedule and perform the workouts consistently. Don’t forget to allow notifications to get reminders when it’s time to do some yoga.

Follow the Guides for More Results

Get the most out of your Yoga-Go yoga app by following the in-app guides. Choose the Fat Burn Guide, Nutrition Guide, Healthy Sleep Guide, or Mobility Guide, depending on what your focus is right now. 

Enjoy the Variety of Yoga Workouts

  • Yoga practices 
  • Pilates workouts 
  • Stretching practices 
  • Face yoga 
  • Morning yoga practices 
  • Relaxing yoga practices
  • Breathing practices 
  • High-intensity yoga
  • Yoga at the office (standing yoga workouts)

Features Of Yoga-Go

  • Smart Yoga Workout Builder generates a customized practice based on your level and problem zones
  • 3 difficulty levels suitable for women and men
  • Dark mode
  • Quick and effective HD video workouts designed by professionals
  • Tracker for progress, workout time, and calories burned
  • iPad support
  • Video and audio instructions throughout the entire fitness routine
  • Results sharing and updates from your yogi friends
  • Smart reminders

How Yoga-Go Works

Create an Account

While installing Yoga-Go, you will need to take a short test to give the app some input about your current fitness level and the goals you’d like to achieve. Your further recommended workouts will be based on these answers.

Receive Your Yoga Class Selection

After analyzing your answers, Yoga-Go will generate a selection of workouts that fit your goals and are easy to follow based on your level. Yoga-Go has numerous yoga and pilates workouts for both yoga novices and more advanced yogis, so you can be sure that the recommended routines won’t disappoint by being too easy or too hard.

Follow The Workout Plan

You are here to see results, right? So it’s essential to use your Yoga-Go plan to the fullest! Choose the most convenient times and places to make it easier to stick to your training schedule. Boost your motivation by joining challenges and your first results won’t be long in coming. 

Maximize Your Results By Mixing Workouts

Yoga is fantastic, but it’s so much fun to try something new! You can customize your workout plan by alternating yoga, pilates, stretching, and high-intensity yoga workouts. Needless to say, that will benefit your well-being and fitness even more!

Your Body Has No Limits With Yoga-Go

Boost your energy and lose weight with home-based yoga workouts and stretching plans created by Yoga-Go for you specifically. Use the best yoga app for 7 to 30 minutes a day wherever you are to get health benefits for your mind and body!