Yoga-Go aims at providing users with personalized yoga and pilates routines to build a toned and fit body, maintain balanced emotions, and harmonize their life.

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Yoga-Go is a source of simple home-based yoga and pilates workouts that will not take too much of your time. You can start a workout wherever you are at that moment. Yoga-Go workouts only take between 7-30 minutes, and you can burn up to 200 calories per session.


Constantly working with Yoga experts, we have created a library of programs to meet most of your needs. Yoga Go will offer you personalized yoga and pilates classes to follow considering your goals and personal data. Definitely you will find a class that meets your interest – whether it will be Morning Yoga Classes, Face Yoga, Stretching, Relaxing Yoga or something else. 


Enjoy using the Yoga-Go app in the most stylish, modern and cool way with the dark mode support. Yoga-Go is also available for iPads where you will appreciate the beauty of yoga content on a bigger screen. 

Build A Toned And Sexy Body, Balance Your Emotions

There is no margin for self-doubt!

Boost your energy and lose weight with home-based yoga workouts and stretching plans by Yoga-Go: Weight Loss Workouts. Use Yoga App 7-30 minutes a day wherever you are and get health benefits for your mind and body!

Make a Body You Can Be Proud Of

Improve balance, flexibility, and strength, sleep better, help your back and knees, burn calories, and lose weight! Burn up to 200 calories per session!

Yoga-Go aims at providing users with personalized home-based yoga workouts tailored to their fitness needs to build a toned and fit body, balance emotions, and control life.

Personal fitness and weight loss plans are suitable for beginners and more advanced yogis. Combining it with a healthy meal tracker, you can transform your body and mind, lose weight and get visible results in 30 days!

What You Get Choosing Yoga-Go App

This yoga app presents more than 300 Ready-to-go yoga and pilates workouts with three difficulty levels, suitable for women and men. Based on the goals you set for yourself, the problem areas, the amount of free time, and the level of physical fitness, you can choose the most suitable for you. Leading experts in the sphere of yoga and health have created these workouts. They relied on topical scientific articles, guidelines, and resources.

While installing Yoga-go, you need to take a short test. After analyzing the answers, the yoga app will offer you a Personalized selection of classes to follow. They will be suitable for your level of training, age, gender and will best solve the tasks. The best part is that there are no exercises that you will not be able to do with your level of physical fitness.

It has become even easier to motivate yourself and others to do sports! After a comprehensive workout, you can use the FB / IG stories sharing feature and share your workout information with your friends. Here will be indicated its duration, the number of performed exercises, and the number of burned calories. A great way to monitor your progress and motivate others!

You will never forget to do a workout by allowing the app to send you notifications. Smart reminders will remind you about the morning workout, which will help you to recharge your batteries for the whole day and feel energized. And in the evening, you will also have no chance to miss soothing yoga or pilates to relax and ensure deep sleep at night.

Moreover, users of this yoga app can operate Guides to boost practicing results.

Fat Burn Guide – individual selection of workouts aimed to solve specific problems in specific areas. The application offers exercises suitable for your level of physical training and combat fat.

Nutrition Guide will be a reliable helper for all those who care about their health, want a beautiful body, and eat well. The application offers an individual menu based on your food preferences, habits, age, physical activity, and health. Here are step-by-step simple and healthy recipes with illustrations that you can easily prepare in your kitchen or order an analog in a cafe.

Healthy Sleep Guide will select a set of physical or breathing exercises for you. In the modern world, especially living in big cities, people are too busy and have a lot to do during the day. This load affects the nervous system and often causes problems with sleeping. Performing Healthy Sleep Guide the evening, you will provide your body with peace, relaxation, and quality, healthy sleep.

Mobility Guide. These exercises involve actively moving, contracting, and relaxing muscles through. This kind of workout is perfect after strength training. Your body will be grateful for this work!

Enjoy The Variety Of Yoga Workouts

  • Yoga practices aim at building strength, improving health, and getting used to regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Yoga sequences also help improve body agility and refresh the mind. 
  • Pilates workouts are based on intense pilates strength exercises. It helps tone the major muscle groups and boost metabolism, which leads to effective weight loss. 
  • Stretching practices are based on performing continuous asanas aimed at stretching all the muscles. The goal is the harmonious and safe development of total-body flexibility. The practicing will activate and train the fascial network of the body, improving health and filling everyone with vitality.
  • Face Yoga exercises prevent wrinkles and improve lymph flow. Face muscles need a workout just like any other muscle in the body. These face massage techniques and training will help get your face looking bright and natural.
  • Morning Yoga Practices combine aerobic and resistance training into a single high-intensity exercise routine lasting approximately 7-10 minutes. Each workout targets only large muscle groups, using alternations of different positions. It activates your energy supply and keeps your metabolism boosted all day long. 
  • Relaxing Yoga Practices is a calming relaxation practice that can help calm down, improve concentration or boost recovery during the night.
  • Breathing Practices are based on pranayama breathing practices, which help improve breathing and concentration. They increase control of body and mind. They are also perfect for recovery after covid respiratory issues.
  • High-Intensity Yoga means a series of dynamic interval practices for those who like intensity. The workouts consist of a warm-up, the main part, and a cool-down. The goal is to improve strength and flexibility and speed up metabolism.
  • Yoga at the Office is a series of standing workouts. You can use it as a warm-up at the office. This series of asanas helps revive the whole body in a short time and is for office workers with a mostly sedentary lifestyle. It can be performed several times during the workday. It will save anyone from the negative impacts of sitting for a long time, charge with positive energy for the whole day. 

More Features Coming Soon

In 2022, Yoga-go plans to implement several improvements that will make the yoga app even more convenient, effective and user-friendly.

  • Customized yoga practice builder – a special yoga sequences algorithm that considers user’s goals, yoga level, personal details and creates a unique workout that fits user’s needs
  • Extending yoga practices library
  • Tutorial – a set of methodology advice in the app that will help our users to benefit the most from working out with us
  • Workout previews – a preview of a list of exercises in a workout will be available for every workout
  • Progress tracker and history of the done workouts

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