David Turner

David J. Turner, a native of Montgomery, Alabama, is a dedicated yoga instructor and advocate for health and wellness.

David holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management with a minor in Business Administration from Troy University.

David’s yoga journey spans over seven years, during which he has honed his practice and developed a deep appreciation for its physical and mental benefits. In February 2020, he obtained his 200-hour yoga teacher training certification from Yoga Montgomery, LLC, under the guidance of instructor Juliet Thomas. He aspires to simplify yoga, making it accessible and integrated into daily life for those who embrace the practice.

David is the owner of Hyyer Co., a Health and Wellness company dedicated to nurturing and enhancing the mind, body, and soul. Through Hyyer Co., David offers various services and techniques, including yoga, meditation, and expertise in nutrition.

David’s yoga classes go beyond teaching poses and movements. He focuses on improving posture, positioning, and breath control, encouraging his students to enhance their physical practice while fostering a positive outlook on life.

With a passion for sharing his knowledge and promoting wellness, David seeks to create a welcoming environment for individuals of all backgrounds to explore the benefits of yoga. Through his dedication and commitment to the practice, David hopes to inspire and guide others on their journey towards improved health, well-being, and self-discovery.