Heather Black

Heather Black

Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach, and Health & Wellness Director of a chain of fitness centers

Education: Heather holds Personal Trainer Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has been designated a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer. She constantly challenges herself with CrossFit, Spartan Races, and triathlon competitions.

Work Experience: Heather used her profound fitness experience and expertise to create the Six Pack by Heather Black workout program for core strength. The program consists of effective workouts under 20 minutes that require no equipment and will help you achieve a toned core and abs.

Heather currently helps her clients reach their fitness goals through strength training and individual meal plans. She works both as a remote fitness and nutrition coach and an in-person trainer.

Just like how Heather pays attention to every client, she carefully reviews Welltech’s posts to ensure that the exercises, techniques, and tips we recommend are accurate and correspond to modern best practices in fitness and nutrition.