Sara Eades

Sara was born and raised in the rural United States. While going to college, she worked for a critical access hospital functioning as a diet tech and dietitian assistant to improve nutritional care and meal satisfaction in the John & Mary E. Kirby Hospital inpatient setting. When a new hospital building was planned for construction, she contributed to the planning, development, and procurement of the first Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) department and Apple a Day Café restaurant in the current Kirby Medical Center as the assistant director. Sara was then promoted to directorship of FNS in 2012, and she developed and implemented the outpatient Medical Nutrition Therapy program. In 2015, while formally supervising her first dietetic intern, Sara applied for and received the national accreditation of Certified Diabetes Education Program from the American Association of Diabetes Educators to increase diabetes education opportunities in Piatt County and surrounding area communities. Since then, Kirby Medical Center has also received recognition from Medicare for Intensive Behavioral Training for Obesity as well as Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network grant funds for wellness services due to her efforts.

Her certifications include: Certified in First Aid training 2007, American Sport Education Program Certified Coach 2007, Nutrition Education Specialist 2011, Level 2 Adult Weight Management Certificate of Training 2017, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate 2015, CPR certified 2021, Diabetes Educator level 1 2015, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Lifestyle Coach 2018.