Shamar Thomas

With over a decade of personal training and injury rehabilitation experience, a former director of a nationally recognized gym with a master’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, people all over trust Shamar to craft a fitness program specifically for them.

He is a qualified CPT and CES through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and a certified specialist through the NASE. More recently, he completed the Wellcoaches Wellness Coaching certification and the Spartan SGX Coach certification, for the latter of which he also attended a nonstop 60-hour intense obstacle course racing program.

Add to that his DNA-like insight into fitness, as Shamar designs fitness programs for his members that focus on flexibility, muscle activation, base building, and progression training, with an underlying emphasis on core strength and balance. He constantly aims to refine his potential and redefine his limits as both a health and fitness personal trainer and a student of strength, endurance, and recovery conditioning. He is an inquisitive, compassionate, and brilliant coach who wants to see his members be their best. A hallmark of Shamar’s personal training is the remarkable transformations that his members boast about in terms of increased energy levels, greater comfort, and more confidence in all facets of life.