Tetiana Tereshchenko

Sports Medicine Doctor, Dietitian, Ph.D. in Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine, Healthcare Administration Specialist

Tetiana has worked as a dietitian and sports medicine physician for more than 10 years with a Ph.D. academic title. These two specialties are inextricably linked in addressing issues such as:

  • correction of body composition (weight loss or gain);
  • formation of an integrated approach to health promotion;
  • increase in the efficiency of athletes and physically active people;
  • treatment of diseases (hypertension, endocrine system diseases, digestive and respiratory organs).

Tetiana works with professional athletes and sports amateurs, children, adolescents, overweight or underweight people, and patients who need custom nutrition programs and lifestyle adjustments.

As an Associate Professor of Physical Education, Special Physical Training, and Sports, Tetiana gained experience working with students, developing methodical materials, and writing scientific articles and speeches for conferences and workshops.