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Should I Eat Sea Moss for Weight Loss?

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The wellness world is full of weight loss trends that come and go, and the most popular one currently is sea moss. Sea moss has been around for decades, but it is more recently being touted for its many health benefits, such as weight loss and improved immunity. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits (and myths) surrounding sea moss for weight loss.

What is Sea Moss? Vitamins & Minerals

Sea moss is a type of algae (or seaweed) also known as Irish moss (scientific name Chondrus crispus). It has been used for decades as a thickening agent in many dairy products, such as ice cream, due to its gelatinous carrageenan content.

Sea moss most commonly grows in rocky Atlantic waters and has been used by the Caribbean people as a natural remedy for years.

Sea moss contains many vitamins and minerals, but its high magnesium and iron content are where this superfood shines.

Just two tablespoons (10g) of raw sea moss contains 14.4 mg of magnesium (approximately 3.5% of an adult’s daily recommended intake) and 0.9 g of iron (5% of an adult’s recommended daily intake). [1] [2] [3]

It is also rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, zinc, calcium, and potassium. Sea moss earned superfood status because it contains 92 of the 102 essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need – that’s a lot in one little plant! 

Does Sea Moss Help You Lose Weight? Most Likely, Yes

So, how does sea moss help you lose weight? The benefits of sea moss for weight loss are due to two main characteristics – it is high in fiber and low in calories. However, the scientific evidence for using sea moss directly for weight loss purposes is limited.

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It’s Rich in Fiber

Sea moss is rich in fiber, a type of carbohydrate that our bodies can’t break down. However, fiber serves many important functions in the body, such as regulating digestion and feeding the healthy bacteria in our gut. 

Because fiber cannot be digested, it increases satiety, so you don’t feel hungry for a longer period after eating fiber-rich foods.

This decreases the likelihood of snacking and therefore, you may eat fewer calories overall. 

Always ensure you drink enough water when increasing the fiber in your diet; otherwise, you might suffer from constipation or other digestive symptoms. 

Fiber’s role in populating the gut with healthy bacteria ensures optimal digestion, which also helps with weight loss. When the gut bacteria are healthy, and their population is large and diverse, bloating, fatigue, and inflammation decrease. 

While this may not be direct weight loss, improving gut health can enhance your confidence and energy levels, which motivates you to continue with your weight loss journey and stay active.  

It’s Low in Calories

Sea moss is relatively high in protein, low in fats, and low in calories, making it a perfect combination for weight loss.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 10 g of raw sea moss contains approximately 5 calories, 0 g of fat, and 0.15 g of protein. [1]

Sea moss is generally a healthier supplement to use for long-term, gradual weight loss than other short-term solutions, such as 3 Ballerina Tea.

It May Contain Fucoxanthin

Many seaweeds contain a compound known as fucoxanthin, which can prevent fat absorption.

While there are no studies to confirm sea moss’s effectiveness for weight loss in this area, there may be some potential. 

Studies conducted on rats and mice showed that fucoxanthin reduced body weight, levels of visceral fat (the fat around the belly), and body fat in general. However, research still needs to be conducted on the fucoxanthin levels specifically in sea moss. [4] 

Sea Moss: Pills, Gummies, Gel, or a Whole Product?

Sea moss is available to buy in many forms, the most popular being pills, gummies, gel, and raw. It is ingested, as opposed to other weight loss methods, such as using ginger oil topically for lymphatic drainage.

The recommended intake of sea moss is 4 g per day, regardless of the form you choose.

Sea Moss Gel

If you’re wondering how to use sea moss gel for weight loss, you’re in luck! The gel form is one of the most diverse ways to ingest sea moss. Add it to your smoothie or soup, eat it with a spoon, or blend it into a sauce. 

Sea moss gel is a good option for people who can’t swallow pills.

However, sea moss has a strong “ocean” fishy taste that can be off-putting to some. Also, the texture of sea moss gel is thick and slimy, which can also be difficult to consume.

In addition, sea moss needs to stay in the fridge once opened and has a shelf-life of 3 weeks.

Sea Moss Pills

Sea moss pills are the easiest way to consume the exact recommended intake of sea moss. Plus, they don’t have an unpleasant taste or texture.

It can be easier to be consistent with taking sea moss pills as you can bring them with you if you’re going out or on a weekend away.

Pills also have a longer shelf life and don’t need to be refrigerated like some of the other sea moss forms. 

Sea Moss Gummies

Sea moss gummies are often flavored and taste delicious, and provide a tasty alternative for those who can’t swallow pills. Their main advantage is that they’re convenient to take with you on the go as opposed to sea moss gel.

However, they often contain other additives, such as sugars, which take away from the health benefits of sea moss.

Gummies also may not be as potent as pills, so you have to take more to meet the daily requirement (meaning costs go up!).

There are currently no studies to suggest that one method of taking sea moss is better or more efficient than the other – it all depends on personal preference. Capsules tend to be absorbed by the bloodstream quicker than gel, which needs to be broken down by the digestive system first. 

However, this doesn’t make much of a difference for a supplement such as sea moss. It is less common to consume raw sea moss, as the texture is tough and impractical for ingesting. 

If you’re wondering if there are other potential health benefits of sea moss and are asking yourself, “Does sea moss give you energy?” read below.

Other Health Benefits of Sea Moss

  • May boost immune functioning and reduce inflammation. [5]
  • Contains vitamins and minerals that may promote healthy, hydrated skin. [6]
  • Supports thyroid health through its high iodine content. [7]
  • Sea moss is rich in iron, which can help prevent fatigue and increase energy levels.
  • May lower blood cholesterol levels and support a healthy heart due to its high omega-3 content. [8]
  • May help lower the risk of diabetes due to its high fiber content. [9]
  • Helps with muscle building and recovery, as it contains collagen peptides and the necessary amino acids for muscle repair. [10]

Sea Moss Side Effects

As with most superfoods in the wellness space, there is insufficient scientific evidence to support or deny any health claims.

Superfoods such as sea moss are also not regulated by the government, meaning that companies can mislabel their products or use marketing tactics to deceive you. 

Before using sea moss for weight loss, do your research into the product and ingredient list. 

Sea moss is a source of iodine, which is a beneficial nutrient but should not be taken in excess, especially if you have hyperthyroidism or take thyroid medication. [11]

Also, algae absorb heavy metals, such as mercury, in the water, which can be toxic in high quantities. [12]

Final Words

Supplementing your diet with sea moss for weight loss may help on your weight loss journey, as it is full of nutrients, low in calories, and high in fiber. 

However, there is no magic sea moss diet plan that can beat a healthy, well-balanced diet and regular exercise. 

An all-in-one app, such as Omo, can help you stay on track with your weight loss goals, breaking them down into measurable and realistic sections. However, sea moss is still beneficial as it:

  • Is high in fiber, which increases satiety, improves digestion and metabolism, and acts as a prebiotic for healthy gut bacteria.
  • Helps improve energy levels, which can allow you to exercise more efficiently and consistently.
  • Is low in calories and fat, so it won’t contribute much to overall caloric intake.
  • Contains most of the essential nutrients for a healthy diet.

As with any supplement, speak with your primary physician before introducing sea moss to your diet for weight loss. 

Disclaimer This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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